Fostering HOPE, RESILIENCE and CONNECTIONS to reduce the risk of suicide

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This year has turned out to be the busiest (and toughest) in our history. Click the image to see how Iris Foundation found the silver linings of 2020.

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Looking for a simple, unique way to let someone know they’re important to you? A Box of Hope can show them you care – and start a conversation.

Help improve women’s mental health

Click on the image to find out more about the Debbie Gaunt Foundation, a new local organisation working to raise funds to improve mental health outcomes for middle-aged women.

QPR – Question, Persuade, Refer

Learn how to save a life. Free online training. Three steps anyone can learn to help prevent suicide.

Need help urgently?

Click on the red cross to find mental health crisis support for yourself or someone you care about.

Touch Points: 4 March, 2021

Helping introverted kids to thrive While extroverts draw energy from social interactions, introverted children tend to find them physically and emotionally draining. Observe your child’s limits in this regard and check in with them if you’re not sure It isn’t coddling...

Touch Points: 25 February, 2021

Leaning in to challenge fear Many of us love a challenge, mental or physical, that makes us feel energised, focused and completely alive. Yet when it comes to the hurdles we haven’t planned for, we tend to retreat into our fears, lean on our vices and slip into...

Touch Points: 18 February, 2021

Give a little, get a lot We’ve all heard the saying, ‘it’s better to give than receive’ - now research has proven that giving to others yields huge benefits for your mental health. When you begin to focus on the little things you can do for others, you disrupt the...

Iris Foundation looking ahead in 2021

Like most small community organisations, Iris Foundation works hard to maximise the positive impact created from the resources we have. We continuously review our programs and events to ensure they are COVID-safe, efficient, and worthwhile for all involved.

Budgewoi Tree of Dreams lights up local hopes

Locals gathered as the fifth annual Budgewoi Tree of Dreams lit up in support of Iris Foundation on December 5.

Iris wins #GreaterCentralCoast community funding

Iris Foundation is thrilled to have taken out the November round of Greater Bank’s #GreaterCentralCoast community funding program. For winning the November community vote, Iris Foundation will receive $2,000, which will help to cover essential operational costs,...

Iris moving forward with fresh initiatives

In response to sustained increases in demand for services, stakeholders including governments, schools, community organisations and their funding bodies have been more open to different ideas than ever before.

Debbie Gaunt Foundation launched

Iris is proud to support a new local charity, the Debbie Gaunt Foundation – launched on World Mental Health Day, October 10.

A Good Time to Ask: R U OK?

10th September – World Suicide Prevention Day. For organisations like Iris Foundation that are working to reduce the risk of suicide in our community, September 10 is an important date.

Iris connecting people – from a safe distance

Part of Iris Foundation’s mission is to foster connections – a challenging prospect in a socially distanced world. Our most recent activities, including our in-school programs, our Tree of Dreams campaign and our second annual resilience awards ceremony, have been...

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