Fostering HOPE, RESILIENCE and CONNECTIONS to reduce the risk of suicide

Art auction for Iris

Until October 10, our friends at Ainsworth Accounting Solutions are auctioning beautiful artworks – with all proceeds supporting Iris Foundation well-being programs. Click on the image to make a bid today!

About 100 Central Coast locals gathered to remember those lost to suicide

Tree of Dreams heads online

Click on the image to learn more about how the annual Tree of Dreams campaign has been adapted to share messages of hope and remembrance in a COVID-safe way.

Debbie Gaunt Foundation

Support women’s mental health

Click on the image for more information about the Debbie Gaunt Foundation – a local charity dedicated to funding much-needed research into the mental health impacts of perimenopause.

Share a Box of Hope

Looking for a simple, unique way to let someone know they’re important to you? A Box of Hope can show them you care – and start a conversation.

QPR – Question, Persuade, Refer

Learn how to save a life. Free online training. Three steps anyone can learn to help prevent suicide.

About 100 Central Coast locals gathered to remember those lost to suicide

Need urgent help?

If you or someone you know is experiencing a mental health emergency, timely care and support is vital. Click on the red cross to find the most suitable crisis contacts for your situation.

Touch Points: 23 September 2021

Focus on what you can control It's easy to be swept up in feelings of sadness, frustration and outrage at others' words and actions - especially during a lengthy global health crisis. For the sake of your mental health, a more productive choice is to invest your time...

Tree of Dreams campaign heads online

Due to current social restrictions, Iris Foundation's annual Tree of Dreams campaign, which coincides with World Suicide Prevention Day on September 10, went virtual this year. In lieu of a public gathering, locals were encouraged to light a candle in remembrance and...

Touch Points: 2 September, 2021

Examine your old beliefs Unhelpful beliefs about ourselves can significantly dent our mental health, life outcomes and relationships with other people. When such thoughts arise, acknowledge them and put them aside. Like any new practice, it takes time and effort to...

Touch Points: 19 August, 2021

Before you react, STOP The next time something (or someone) tests your patience, remember to STOP: S - Stop what you're doing or saying T - Take a couple of slow, deep breaths, focusing on the exhale O - Observe your thoughts and emotions; acknowledge them as present...

Touch Points: 5 August, 2021

Listen to your body (and mind) The Olympics have been a reminder that even elite athletes have their limits. And sometimes the best course of action is to take a break. Even if it's just for a few minutes, stepping away from a tense discussion, an overwhelming...

Touch Points: 22 July, 2021

Choose kindness It is easy to become attached to being 'right', especially in stressful circumstances. Yet choosing to speak kindly and give other people the benefit of the doubt is one of the easiest ways to connect and diffuse tension. You never know the positive...

Touch Points: 8 July, 2021

Don't paint over the cracks The return of lockdowns has also meant an uptick in uncertainty and anxiety for many, especially young people. It's healthy and important to acknowledge the disappointment of holidays, paid work and other opportunities being missed. To...

Iris Foundation approaching our 15th anniversary

We think it's worth celebrating - 15 years of supporting our Central Coast community to help reduce the risk of suicide. Founded by Bev Baldwin and Dawn Hooper in 2006, Iris Foundation has grown from a small-scale fundraiser to become an organisation that supports a...

Touch Points: 24 June, 2021

Knowledge is power Knowledge, whether it comes from formal education or life experience, is something that can never be taken away. It accumulates and expands over a lifetime to become a rich source of personal growth and satisfaction. Being open to new ideas and...

Brisbane Water Rotary offers a $2,000 boost

Iris Foundation was the grateful recipient of a cheque for $2,000 at Brisbane Water Rotary’s gala presentation evening on June 3.

We would like to thank our major supporters: