How You Can Help

How You Can Help

Iris Foundation recognises the strength in us all and is dedicated to creating positive differences in our community. 

Your contribution gives Iris Foundation the funding needed to fulfill our mission to reduce the risk of suicide in our community by facilitating and supporting programs, awareness campaigns and partnerships which enhance connectedness and well-being.

Donations enable us to do what we do best – giving hope. Click here to make a donation via GiveNow.

Our corporate supporters are invaluable to help us drive change. Sponsorships are available at varying levels to suit any business. Please contact Sue via email: sue@irisfoundation.org.au for more information.

Monthly gifts help us to reduce administration costs, plan more efficiently and improve the effectiveness of what we do. Click here to set up regular donations via GiveNow.

Host a fundraiser or charity event. We welcome your ideas and support – from the classic mufti day gold coin donations to a group event. Please email: enquiries@irisfoundation.org.au to get involved with fundraising.

30 Days to GIVE Challenge


Visit: https://www.givenow.com.au/crowdraiser/public/30DaystoGIVEChallenge

Join us in the 30 Days to GIVE Challenge to help raise funds for Iris Foundation. The challenge is simple – look for ways you can spread joy each and every day. Connecting with others doesn’t have to be big to make a difference, it just needs a giving heart. Small or large, it can take nothing more than a smile to change someone’s day.

CLICK HERE to find out how you can participate.

CLICK HERE to view the Simple Sample Challenge List.

Giving Tuesday 3rd December 2019

 Giving Tuesday is a global celebration of generosity that creates an opportunity for Australians to express their generosity, give back and change their community.

Iris Foundation is asking for donations to help us continue our work to prevent suicide here on the Central Coast. Funds received help support our In School program – Cool Connections, building resilience in our young people as they transition into teenage years. If you would like to support, please CLICK HERE to make a donation via GiveNow.

Volunteer, Donate, Support – there are many ways to participate.  Or perhaps you would like to just give back to those in your community by spreading joy and connecting. Then CLICK HERE to view the sample Ways of Giving list.

A twist on Secret Santa


Here is a concept that will take gift giving to the next level, boost morale and create keepsakes that will be remembered far beyond a gift certificate or tie.

Click HERE for details.

We would like to thank our major supporters: