How You Can Help

How You Can Help

By supporting the Iris Foundation, you’ll help create positive differences in our community – giving hope. The essence of hope comes from feeling connected – a feeling that is also the building block of suicide prevention.

Funds raised allow the Foundation to fulfill its mission – the prevention of suicide through early intervention. Click here for more information about what we do.

Donations enable us to do what we do best – giving hope. Click here to make a donation via GiveNow.

Our corporate supporters are invaluable to help us drive change. Sponsorships are available at varying levels to suit any business. Please contact Sue via email: for more information.
Monthly gifts help us to reduce administration costs, plan more efficiently and improve the effectiveness of what we do. Click here to set up regular donations via GiveNow.
Host a fundraiser or charity event. We welcome your ideas and support – from the classic mufti day gold coin donations to a group event. Please email: to get involved with fundraising.

We would like to thank our major supporters: