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Touch Points: 10 June, 2021

Grief has no timeline   The popular narrative that grief shrinks over time - that it is something we need to 'get over' as soon as possible - often bears little resemblance to the lived reality of those experiencing it. Processing significant loss is a...

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Touch Points: 27 May, 2021

Let go of 'people pleasing'  A underlying cause of anxiety for many people, particularly women, is trying to meet everyone else's needs. It's a sure way to feel exhausted, devalued and, eventually, resentful. Breaking the habit of saying 'yes' to things you don't have...

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Touch Points: 20 May, 2021

Take time for a reality check   Adults are routinely pressured to have their lives in manageable order, to have all the answers and to make the right choice every time. Such unrealistic expectations often lead to unnecessary stress, anxiety and conflict. Try to...

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Touch Points: 8 April, 2021

Change your mind with gratitude Science has now established that our brains are much more flexible than previously thought. In part, this means we have some control over our thinking habits and the feelings they awaken within us. One simple but effective way to shift...

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Touch Points: 1 April, 2021

Holding on to hope Maintaining a sense of hope – the belief that people and situations can change – helps us feel motivated and emotionally stable, regardless of external factors. Looking to the future with hope becomes easier if you practise enriching habits every...

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Touch Points: 25 March, 2021

Change is the only constant Most of us tend to resist change, especially the unexpected kind. Remember though - you always have the power to choose your response. Focus on the actions you can take rather than the emotions you are feeling. Breaking out of unhelpful...

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Touch Points: 18 March, 2021

Reaching out is courageous When it comes to mental health, looks really can be deceiving. Social pressure is often exerted on people – especially men – to ‘soldier on’ alone through difficult circumstances. Emotionally isolating yourself often leads to greater...

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