In Memoriam Online Tribute

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In memory of our friend Jack a funny, sincere and compassionate man taken too soon.

We miss you Jack
Norma & Peter

In Australia we say, I Miss You
In the rest of the world they say “tu me manques,” – you are missing from me.

I just did a quick stock-take to see what is missing from me, and all I’m missing is
My smarter side, my stronger side.
My softer heart, my kinder words
My sense of humour, my daily laugh
Other than that – you left me in pretty good shape.

Dad, I miss you each and every day.

Wish you were still here.

Love Always, Jo xo


My beautiful brother, brilliant guitarist, wonderful friend. So sadly missed and deeply loved all these 21 years since you have been gone.


Something broke inside of me, the day you decided to go. Perhaps I know some of that misery, the pain inside, how it grows. But I would have wrapped you so tight in my arms, I would have helped change your mind. I would give anything to change that day, just turn back time.

Grief can control us, overwhelm us at times, but the memories of you both, are still fresh in our minds.

Fly high in the stars, may your souls be at peace. xx

Lover of horses and dogs
Would adopt all if she had space
Beautiful smart and funny
Enjoyed cake with mum
Attempted paleo diet many times
Easily distracted
Bull rider
Enjoyed country music and
B and S balls
Great friend
Loving daughter
Bossy sister
Loving you my beautiful girl x

Loved Diggers at Grannys house
We would go for walks and see
them digging holes & see the man

I loved wiggles Jimmy elf song
And 5 joeys Jumping on the bed
I loved cuggggggggggglys with my mum
At puppas house we played at the park
and beach and I made lots of mess
Aunty Bec and Aunty Sam are funny
I loved all my cousins
I loved all my uncle and auntys
I Love you Granny x

You are in my thoughts regularly.  Sometimes when least expected.  I miss you and shed a tear for my loss and for what you went through emotionally and physically.

Beautiful, trusting, full of life.  Friends who loved you.  School, drama, sport and family.  At eleven an adult male destroyed your innocence.  Bribed and threatened you.  Lost who you were and who to trust.

You tried hard to get on with life and did well.  College, employment, relationships.  Lived with partner.  Parents loved you.

Pregnant, ecstatic.  Miscarriage.  Depression.  Relationship ended.

September 2003.  Aged 21.

Such a gentleman;
Such strength,
Such kindness,
Such a loss.

You have helped shape the person I am today and that keeps you with me always. The love is forever.