Piloted in 2019, Y-Connections program has been developed for young people in high school years 7 and 8 and is designed to inspire, motivate and build self-esteem and resilience through a range of creative, hands-on activities and workshop content that introduces essential life management skills.  The program is applicable to all students but can be of particular benefit to those who experience issues such as social withdrawal, anxiety, difficulties with peer relationships, low school attendance, isolation, identity issues or disengagement. 

Built around coaching, emotional intelligence and positive psychology frameworks, the aim of Y-Connections is to create a supportive space where ideas and stories can be shared, solutions-focused problem-solving skills are developed and new ways to view situations are discussed using a growth mindset to help build resilience.

At the end of the eight-week, in-school program young people have gained a stronger sense of self as well as some effective tools and coping strategies to manage life’s challenges.

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